Sunday, January 6, 2013

first blog as H.

Hi and thanks for reading.  I've been asked to share my thoughts and feelings about our experience with Taken in Hand...or Bird in Hand for us.  that name came from me and my tendency to get tongue tied and make up my own name for things.  it worked out for us since my wife is a bird fan...and she is my little birdie.  It seemed to fit and she created her blog using this new name.

I'm trying to type this on a tablet and it is very difficult. my next post will be using a keyboard and better composition.  I'll figure out what works for me and hopefully blog on a regular basis.  I enjoy writing and it seems to work for my wife and I too.  it allows us to communicate and get some thoughts down that may not always work face to face.  it works for me to by giving me a chance to read and think instead of reading and reacting.  I think guys tend to get revved up quickly which can be negative depending on the conversation and speaking from experience...I like to have time to process.

trial and error.  relationships are and should be built on this.  if you love someone then it shouldn't be hard to learn as you go.  I think a lot of people do not want to put through the effort to make and build a marriage...because it is not easy and not always instant gratification.  and in this day in age if it's not instant it's not worth our time.

make a long story short.  we both want our marriage to work and to last.  we, like any couple, have hit roadblocks and had our discussions about whether or not we would ever go our separate ways.  neither one of us were ready to call it quits but we also didn't have an answer for how to make our relationship solid.

it was a year ago when my wife approached me about the possibility of spanking as a way of bringing some stability to our marriage.  initially I thought it was strange since she was bringing it to me.  but the idea was something that made some sense to me.  and lo and behold...apparently I'm a closet spank o.  imagine that.

As as child I had a father who wouldn't hesitate to lay down the law...on my ass.  if I needed it he'd give it.  So naturally I thought this was the way to discipline...however I couldn't bring myself to make my household part of corporal punishment.  Now there have been times where I've wanted to and there were times where it has happened.   but no consistency was established.  I do threaten...but a lot of the time it's empty.  I think I'm programmed and designed to live this lifestyle I just didn't know how to implement it.  so when the wife brought it to me I had my concerns and questions.  how does this work...why does it this abuse?  I wasn't sure how to proceed but I was curious.  I'm going to end this here because it's a great transition into our back story...more to come...


  1. Welcome (liked the name in the right - TheH Jones, lol). I'll share this with Daddy and ask him to stop by :)

  2. Welcome H - will be looking forward to hearing the HoH point of view of your journey.


  3. I love to read a man's thoughts on the lifestyle as well and since I already read hers :-) I'll visit you too, welcome to the community.

  4. Welcome H. Really looking forward to hearing more from you. I follow Emi's blog and it is always great to get the HoH point of view as well.

    I love bird in hand by the way :)


  5. Welcome! My husband (Fireman) blogs on my blog sometimes too.

    It is hard to post on a tablet! I'm constantly hitting the wrong letter and strange words show up, lol. Then I forget what I was even trying to say in the first place.

    Elle :)

  6. Hi H!
    I love that your Emi is your little bird in hand. She's precious...and you obviously love her so much. We'll look forward to more from you.

  7. Hi H :)

    Welcome to blogland. It will be interesting to read your point of view....can't wait for you next post!


  8. Yay! You did it ( finally. what? he's not MY HOH) Can't wait to read more, about YOUR side of things! Get Emi to help you with that followers thing- it'll just make my life easier :)


  9. Hi H :) Welcome to blogging, look forward to reading more

    Dee x

  10. Welcome H! It is so great that you are blogging. I can't wait to read more. I love reading Emi's blog and it will be fun to hear your side of things as well. Love the bird in hand phrase. It seems perfect.

  11. Hello TheH Jones! It's so nice to welcome another HoH to blogland! Looking forward to reading here. As I'm sure you already know from Emi, it's a wonderful and supportive community :)

  12. So glad you decided to post. I can only hope this is a good thing.. right? now I'm a little bit scared! ha ha! <3 you!

  13. Hello TheH, It is wonderful to see anoter HoH out here in blogland, welcome, if you ever need to talk or want some advice feel free to ask me or June anything you'd like. Welcome!

  14. Hi H and welcome! It's really nice to hear things from an HOH's point of view and I look forward to reading more. ;)

  15. Welcome H...male perspective is rare and appreciated. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  16. Welcome H. Welcome to blog land where you will find we are all friends. Another male point of view is great. Be nice to Emi

  17. H,

    Hello and welcome.

    I'll look forward to reading.


  18. Hi H,
    It will be exciting to compare notes between Emi and you.
    Good to hear the thoughts of a colleague HoH.

  19. Welcome, H. I very much look forward to reading more.


  20. Thank you all for reading and leaving the comments. I had no idea we were part of a very interesting and new extended family. I hope to be able to write a couple times a week...we'll see how it goes.

    on to blog number 2.

  21. Hi, and welcome! Hopefully now that there is a male POV, my Hoh will start blogging which he has been dragging his feet over for the last month!
    Great post too!

  22. Welcome to blogland H.
    We look forward to reading more from you.

    Steven and Emma

  23. Hello H! can you add a follow by email link? So, that my hubby can follow? he doesn't do blogs but will read what comes to his email... Thanks for joining the blogland family. We love emi and your family soooo much already, it is always awesome to hear things from the HOH side.


  24. Welcome to blogland, and I hope you enjoy the experience! :) Can't wait to read the things you will write. :)

  25. Welcome to blogging, H. It's always fun to discover a new DD related acronym.


  26. Good to see another man blogging in this community, there haven't been enough. "TakeninHand" has long been one of my favourite websites.

  27. You should totally come back and write more love the insight